How to Care For Your Mail Order Plants and Plants You Buy Online

shopping your flowers from an internet nursery, or via mail order is a completely convenient manner of gardening! you could with no trouble keep for plant life from your house, and plant life are introduced proper to the doorstep. mail order flowers are usually published without soil with roots wrapped in wet media. this is the exceptional manner to ship mail order flowers and guarantees you receive beautiful, healthy plants with a wet, unbroken rootsystem.

here’s a few important things that will help you efficaciously grow your new flora.

on arrival
all our plant life are sent thru express put up, to ensure the quickest delivery possible. it is always our purpose to have plants in shipping as low as feasible, and it’s far very critical to unpack your plants as quickly as possible whilst your flora arrive. we soak all flora in seaweed solution in our nursery earlier than sending to lessen delivery strain.

unpack your vegetation carefully, and soak them right now in seaweed answer. (we do now not suggest soaking for dracaena draco, cacti and succulents. instead simply dip them in the seaweed, and plant at once)

seaweed answer has many makes use of as outlined under:
– seaweed stimulates root improvement
– seaweed reduces transplant stress
– seaweed complements flowering & fruiting
– seaweed increases resistance to heat, drought, frost, pests & disease

because of the fact that seaweed answer isn’t a nitrogen based totally fertiliser, it’s miles safe to use on all flora. soak your vegetation for some hours or overnight. we do however advise you do no longer soak succulents, cycads and caudex plants for to any extent further than half-hour.

choosing a pot
once your flora have had an excellent soak, it is time to choose the best pot size. select a pot as small as possible. it’s far a commonplace misperception to plant vegetation in a huge pot, wondering vegetation will develop faster due to the fact they have got a larger pot. the truth in reality is completely the alternative. flowers want oxygen inside the soil, and big pots make it harder for soil to dry out. without drying out, soil becomes logged and oxygen is destroyed. roots will not expand well and the plant will live too wet, being a major reason of root rot, and likely plant death.

small seedlings, with a small root device have to go in a 50mm tube pot. small seedlings with a massive root system or huge taproot, inclusive of maximum cycads and a few arms (commonplace for palms like triangle hands, bismarck fingers, dypsis fakey, latan fingers) couldn’t feasible match into 50mm tubes. these forms of plants are potted into tubes called ‘native tubes’ that are very tall, but nonetheless only 70mm wide. those local tubes are the pot we use the most in our nursery, they’re very handy for a whole lot of fingers and cycads. we permit you to get some of these tubes if needed.

another alternative could be to apply a pot known as a ‘supersaver’, 4″ diameter, but much taller than a widespread four” pot. bigger plant life, or flowers with huge root structures will need a larger pot; select a pot so that you can suit roots without difficulty with out squashing, and with out extra room. some plants, consisting of succulents or cacti, would be accurate in a terracotta pot. terracotta is porous (except it’s miles dealt with with a waterproofing compound) and will permit these vegetation to dry out quicker and easier.

soils and potting blend
always pick out a nicely draining blend. for potted plants, the easiest (and regularly the exceptional) soils are premium potting mixes, available from hardware stores, nurseries & garden centres. study the back of the bag to make sure it is suitable in your plant, and check whether the potting mix includes fertilisers and soil improvers, or whether you may want to feature those yourself.

particular potting mixes, along with ‘cacti and succulent mix’, ‘orchid blend’, or ‘azalea mix’ are the very best to use, and those potting mixes make certain you’ll get the proper mix in your plant. it is constantly a terrific concept to add a few soil improver, consisting of ‘biobrew soil’, which inspires soil interest and insect numbers (which include earthworms), increasing to be had nutrients & oxygen for the roots.

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